Volunteer Work
Mattisen volunteers for and supports The Angelus House. Each December, she attends Charliepalooza, their primary fund raiser. She is passionate about her work with Give Kids the World and volunteers at various other functions and organizations that offer services to animals, the elderly, people with special challenges and especially children.

Mattisen Thompson
Mattisen performed at the Victoria K (Mattisen's sister Miss Winter Park Queen) and Friends concert at The Angelus House 3.9.2013. Her Princess, Linnea also helped out by selling candy & lemonade with Victoria's Princesses.
Volunteer Work
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Mattisen volunteered as Peppermint the Elf for the YMCA Family Christmas Party in December of 2012
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On March 16, 2013, in her capacity as Miss Winter Park's Outstanding Teen, Mattisen volunteered at the children's art booth at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festval. Once again, she took along her Princess Linnea!
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Volunteering at Candy's Cats Cat Rescue at PetSmart
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The annual Charliepalooza Golf Tournament and Concert held at the Hard Rock Casino benefits the Angelus House. Mattisen goes each year, sometimes to perform and sometimes to support. Below are photos of her with celebrity Chef Alon Gontowski at the Ladies Luncheon, with Charlie Daniels and performing at an evening event.
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At Sunset Park Elementary School's 50's Themed "Spring Fling", Mattisen helped set up then danced & hula hooped with the students. Linnea also attended in her 50's finest.
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